Glamorous Living with Modern Allures

Dubai and luxury are like inseparable friends. The appetite for luxury residential units in Dubai is all-time high and high-class apartments have become synonymous with the typical living facilities. Whether you are a fan of chic minimal apartments or you love something on the maximal, or classic end, Omniyat New Projects is bringing you a suite of amenities in its brand-new condo lifestyle options. Wondering why condos are the new glamor in the real estate world? Dive in to find out!

Is buying a condo a good investment?

When you looking at Dubai’s real estate market with an international context, the price seems more reasonable than any other financial hubs. The amount of money that your spend in London or New York, for that amount you can get triple the size of apartment in Dubai. 

Being one of the most significant real estate markets, Dubai’s overall economy is relatively volatile as compared to other countries and the place offers to diversify its economy both directly and indirectly. Meanwhile Dubai’s occupancy rates are perpetually low and you can turn your evidence into a residence permit seamlessly. 

The condos in Dubai are typically built to a high-standard. They are architecturally impressive and you would feel like living a true architectural marvel that gazes the sun in all its glory. Whether it is about posh interiors or bewitching views, condos in Dubai are the dream of every contemporary homeowner. 

Perks of condo living

  • Size and price: For many people, price and size are one of the most obvious factors that make condominiums in Dubai a treat for your pocket. As compared to grand villas or other establishments, condos tend to have a lower entry price. Undoubtedly, the size impacts the price you end up paying, but when you invest in condos, you anyway get your money’s worth with your condo. 
  • Location: Another factor that makes condos better than any conventional living option is their preferred location. Most condos are located at well-connected places and you can get premium properties at buzzing Dubai hubs that are both beautiful and cozy. Condos tend to be more centrally located than villas and this makes them much closer to commercial and as well as leisure hubs. 
  • Maintenance costs: Now this is a major upside of condos. When you buy any luxurious property, the maintenance costs are always on the high end and this makes the establishment costlier than any traditional dwelling. However, with condos, the maintenance costs won’t blow a hole in your pocket because they are shared spaces. 
  • Lifestyle: Convenience or privacy- which is a greater priority for you? Irrespective of your lifestyle, condos in Dubai offer both convenience and privacy. The properties are designed keeping in mind the needs of every modern homeowner. Almost all homes are equipped with ingenious technology while being a hub for the latest innovation in decor and design.

It’s a wrap!

For contemporary dwellers who believe in super-glamorous living, The Pad by Omniyat resembles the starry zenith with its remarkable architecture. Ranging from its shimmering view of skylights to the spectacular ambience, the establishment feels like a celebration of hues that has become real midst the intrigue and enchantment of stars.