We know you’ve always dreamt of travelling the roads of the USA and experiencing true luxury. From visiting Times Square in New York to exploring New Orleans, you want to see it all. Why miss the wildlife, nature, and geysers of Yellowstone? Yes, travel across the USA, but are you worried about how you will capture all these beautiful scenic experiences and share them with your family and friends?

How will you use an online calculator to trace the exact location of your dream destination or determine how much your currency values are in USD? You might think that you need to apply for a SIM card, bear its expensive charges, and finally have mobile data and connection with yourself. But eSIMs have come to your rescue! An embedded SIM allows you international access to data and mobile connectivity. These SIMs are embedded in your smartphone’s motherboard and give you a world of seamless connectivity.

But what is a trusted source to get an eSIM for USA travel? That’s where we come in to simplify your life and travel and make you experience a complete revolution.

MobiMatter: One Solution to International Travelling

MobiMatter is a trusted name for an eSIM with its varied packages. If you wish to travel to the US and enjoy all it offers while having valid mobile data and connections, you are just at the right place.

MobiMatter eSIM packages allow you to:

  1. Stay connected with the world with its high-speed internet connection.
  2. Have a cost-effective alternative to owning a SIM and manage finances efficiently and effectively.
  3. Remove the problem of swapping the SIMs every time you travel.
  4. Have a stress and hassle-free travel.
  5. Enjoy peace of mind as you do not have to worry about data and SIMs.
  6. Access social media to come to live or share some fun pictures.
  7. Book tickets for your favourite shows and festivals well in advance.
  8. Stay ahead of your peers by getting access to a high-speed internet connection even while travelling.

Our Premium Plans

Discover travel eSIM data packages that work in the United States and beyond.

1. USA Plus 20GB plan 

This plan is available at 50+ destinations and is valid for 30 days. The package costs 35.99 USD, and the total data limit is 20 GB.  

2. USA 8 GB 3000 minutes 

This plan is valid for 30 days and works in the entire USA. It is available for 19.99 USD, and the total data limit is 8GB.  

3. USA plus 20 GB 

This 20g eSIM USA plan is valid for 30 days, and the total data limit available is 20 GB. It costs 35.99 USD and works at 47 + destinations.

Visit our website today to get access to all the fantastic plans at a price you will not believe. Check out our USA eSIM plans here and head off on your cross-country adventure!