Exemptions Categories

Exemptions from the entry ban into Qatar include:

  • Holders of the Hayya Card.
  • Qatari citizens.
  • Residents.
  • Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries who possess a Qatari ID card.
  • Individuals who have personal recruitment visas and work entry permits.
  • People who enter Qatar for humanitarian reasons through an airport.

Reason for Temporal Bank

To ensure the smooth and successful organization of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Doha from 20 November to 18 December, Qatar has banned the entry of visitors into the country through its air, land, and marine borders beginning on 1 November and continuing until 22 December. This ban will be in place for the duration of the tournament; It was implemented to ensure the smooth and successful organization of the tournament.

The competition will take place in Doha from 20 November until 18 December.

The restriction will continue to apply for the entirety of the competition in question.

Details on Exempt Categories

On Wednesday, the Ministry of the Interior announced that it would again begin permitting tourists and other visitors into the country starting on 23 December. The Ministry of Interior previously announced this policy change on Wednesday.

Those with a Qatar Hayya Card, a form of identification that will be distributed to fans attending the FIFA World Cup 2022, will be permitted to enter the country beginning on 1 November and continuing through 23 December. Those who do not have a Qatar Hayya Card will not be allowed to enter the country.

Those unable to produce a Qatar Hayya Card upon arrival will be denied permission to enter the country.

They do not need to worry about being deported until 23 January because they are permitted to stay in the country until then.

There are several different categories of people who are exempt from the entry ban, including citizens and residents of Qatar, citizens of other GCC countries who hold Qatari ID cards, and other GCC citizens.

Exempt from the ban are also people with work entry permits and employment visas in their possession at the time of the ban’s enforcement.

Those particular people are exempt from the restriction.

Passengers fleeing a life-threatening situation and transiting through a Qatari airport are not required to pay the visa fee if they have received authorization from the appropriate authorities via the official application platform. This exemption applies only to passengers escaping a situation in which they are in imminent danger of losing their lives.

This exemption is only available to passengers evacuating a dangerous situation in which their lives are in danger.

To ensure that the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 will go off without a hitch, the Ministry of the Interior has appealed to all people, requesting that they abide by the recently established travel requirements.